Myrtle Beach Stone and Masonry specialize in the professional installation of custom, decorative landscape finishing techniques. Our techniques provide you with an attractive, well-kept look to your landscape! View the benefits of adding our edging to your landscape!

Our Focus- We focus on assisting you with determining just the right way to put that finishing touch in your landscaping. Our professional installation crew focuses on providing the very best product and nearly always completes the job in ONE DAY.

Your Focus- You’ve invested a lot in your landscaping and mulch; our edging adds that POP that you’re looking for to grab everyone’s attention. PLUS the curbing or edging keeps your mulch where it belongs... in your flower bed! No matter the shape or size, we can do it!

Concrete edging is custom designed for your property! You choose your style, color, and design, and we do all the rest! It is stamped concrete on a curb designed to edge the focal points of your yard!

Whether your goal is to have a defined border surrounding flower beds or tidying up the areas around trees and mailboxes, our decorative border edging is what you need! Everlasting!

Call us now so that you can start to enjoy the look and numerous benefits our decorative edging adds to your property, whether it's commercial or residential!

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