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Myrtle Beach Stone and Masonry wants to take your existing fireplace and make it better with a brand new stone or brick veneer front.

The look and feel of your fireplace can be an integral part of your home and create that atmosphere you desire. Whether you're entertaining family, spending time with friends or relaxing with that special someone, fireplaces are often a traditional gathering place in the home.

Myrtle Beach Stone and Masonry can make your fireplace ideas inexpensive and an excellent solution.  With our veneer brick and stone method, your fireplace design projects will have a lightweight, easy to install and maintenance free alternative.

Enhancing the look of fireplace surrounds or creating a beautiful accent wall for your fireplace can be a great way to help the value of your home or give your guests an excellent first impression. Make your fireplace that attractive element in your home that it was meant to be.